Note from President L Ashok - With the successful 4th edition of Interconnect I'd like to bid adieu to you as President. This has been a great opportunity to understand our collective strength in terms of numbers, skill, expertise and versatility. I made a rough calculation taking a cue from the recent channel world award statistics and found that our collective revenue alone would be about 7000 crore. This is a great number to tell us how our representation as a community ought to be a strong one. I urge each one of us to come forward and make use of it for which we need to engage in collaborative activities. As a first step I would request each one of you to take a minute and go through your ISODA profile and fill in your details in the portal. some of our fellow companies have benefited through partnership and I wish all of us could. This issue has stories on smart recruiting and about the widely discussed DELL EMC merger. The highlight of the issue however is the tremendous presence ISODA at the Channel World awards. Do give it a read and send your feedback. I hope to see a lot of participation from us, partner companies in all our collaborative activities including the newsletter Interconnect. Excerpts of the newsletter has regularly been appearing in IT magazines. Once again, I would like to thank each one of you for your support and encouragement and I take the opportunity to thank you all on behalf of the current MC as well.