ISODA aims to bridge the gap between Software Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers.

In today’s world information is the key to success, ISODA is helping all by providing access to all relevant information to its members on diverse subject such as various tax laws from Sales Tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Excise and Custom laws, new technologies, business trends, sales organisation, aligning partner across the India to address their growing issues to serve customer spanned across the country.

Other Objectives:

ISODA was formed in 2008 by enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who felt it necessary to set up a forum to:

  • Exchange ideas and thoughts for a better tomorrow.
  • Protect the interests and rights of the members and community.
  • Negotiate with the statutory authorities collectively.
  • Encourage & spread awareness in India in the following areas.
    • Relevance of IT to day to day lives
    • Piracy and how it could impact the community in particular and society / Economy at large
    • Careers and opportunities in IT.
    • Provide its member with the guidance of Do’s & Don’ts while conducting business in the form of code of conduct & best practices for doing business with distributor & vendor community
  • Identify ways and means to increase productivity and profitability; and reduce bad debts
  • Provide guidance on tax and legal issues
  • Provide platform to share information and ideas
  • Recognize and consolidate issues faced
  • Engage with Partner-Ecosystem for positive closure of issues faced by members
  • Identify new Opportunities and prepare for threats
  • Training and Education
    • Learn about Software Products and Licensing
    • Taxation / Compliance awareness
    • Best Business Practices
    • Best Human Resource Practices
    • Challenges and Opportunities on the horizon
    • Increase awareness among public and PC dealers about benefits of owning / selling original software