• ISODA members know and have clarity on most of the Government Policy changes
  • Understand newer technologies, threats to the industry, market trends etc.
  • All this at lowest possible TCO for you
  • Influence the community with different technologies that you carry
  • Build a ready market within the community to propagate your story to their customers
  • Create specific marketing plans for internal ISODA members to ensure growth of business
  • Be a part of the Management Committee to take up challenging roles and to have an impact on the association
  • Represent your region within the association and become more visible to other regions
  • Engage with vendors / alliances to get them to ISODA as a platform

Who can join ISODA?

Software dealer / partner organization whose gross revenue in a year is in excess of INR 10 Million and more than 2/3rd of its revenue has been generated by way of reselling software products.